how to get started


Start with the 6hr/$289 package! Teens under 18 are required to complete 6 hours of driving lessons by the DMV. Different packages are also available.


Contact me now for a 1 hour behind-the-wheel observation. See if I'm is the right instructor for you. Lessons start with the 6hr/$310 package. 

WHY Pick john?

Driving takes years to master. Our goal in a few hours of Behind the Wheel Training is to teach and educate our students the basic fundamentals of driving, combining new technologies with basic techniques. Try a 1 hour observation with me now! 

cool facts

  • 95% Passing Ratio on Driving Test 
  • Over 30 years of instructing experience
  • Vehicle available for Driving Test
  • 4 Sight Camera in vehicle for faster learning
  • Duel Gas & Brakes
  • Available for call or text 24/7  
  • Specializes in students with ADD, ADHD, and fear of driving